'Resident Evil 2' Scrapped Concepts Shared by Devs

Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2 has been an absolute hit since its release earlier this year. Veterans of the franchise and new players alike have been enjoying their time in Raccoon City, even when the lovable Mr. X is hunting them down. That said, the devs have shared some scrapped concepts that likely would have made things a bit more terrifying.

During a recent roundtable discussion amongst the devs, they shared some of their ideas that didn't quite make it into Resident Evil 2. One of the bigger ones was the return of a fixed camera or even first-person, which they did play around with. However, as we all know, they opted for the over-the-shoulder approach, and fans have been thankful.

RE2 First-Person
(Photo: Destructoid)
Re2 X
(Photo: Destructoid)

Another aspect that they had several different ideas for were the enemies that are featured in the game. Mr. X originally had more of a militarized look that wouldn't exactly fit his surroundings in Raccoon City.

One scrapped idea that will likely be popular among the more jumpy players is an enemy that would have been found in the Orphanage. The "Condemned" would have been for something along the lines of a jump scares, but the idea never made it past design and animation.

Re2 Jump 3
(Photo: Destructoid)
Re2 Jump
(Photo: Destructoid)

Plenty of other concepts that didn't make it to the final cut were also shared, including cable cars that were descending from the mountains and the possibility of a driving sequence, which they stopped in its tracks after thinking players would want to just drive off.

The alligator fight was almost a bit more elaborate, which surely would have made things more interesting when players encountered the massive beast. Needless to say, while there could have been much more added to Resident Evil 2, they likely came up with the perfect formula of blending old and new.

Resident Evil 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more on the game, here's a snippet from our official review:

"Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror experience in its truest sense. From a constantly teased false sense of security, to horrifying instances that go far beyond a simple jump scare, this remake is one that every fan of the original needs to play. For those that aren't familiar with the Resident Evil franchise in its humble beginnings, it's still a treat, albeit imperfect, and one that requires no previous knowledge of the other games.

From its challenging story from start to finish, to the incredible character development and increasing level of intrigue and desire to know more, Capcom mostly nailed bringing this beloved title into 2019, and it's an experience every horror fan needs to have for themselves."



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