'Fortnite' Players Voice Concerns About PS4 and Xbox One Performance, Epic Games Responds

Fortnite players received a response from Epic Games after bringing attention to a degraded experience on consoles with the developer asking those who are encountering issues to continue sharing reports and evidence of their problems.

Players have been voicing concerns about the state of Fortnite’s console versions since the start of Season 8 with topics even unrelated to overall performance getting derailed as players talked about optimization and FPS drops. The PC version was listed as having problems as well in these conversations, but a highly-upvoted post in the game’s subreddit specifically called out the console versions.

In a post currently above 9,000 upvotes that looks like it might go higher, a player said “console is nearly unplayable at this point.” The poster cited issues like low frame rates during fights, finicky builds that won’t place properly, and an overall performance they described as an all-time low for the game. Others agreed with the post and said they noticed a drop in quality since the start of Season 8 with many saying the game still looks great as far as visuals are concerned, it just doesn’t run as well.

Epic Games acknowledged these complaints and responded in the thread to let players known it hears the complaints. Community manager JustMooney1 responded to say the issues voiced are heard and encouraged players to submit reports and specifics on the problems they face.

“Just wanted to hop in here and an let y'all know we're aware of your reports,” the community manager said. “Any more specifics on what you're exactly experiencing will help, but we'll keep you updated as we dig in!”


Another comment was shared in the post by community coordinator FreightTrainUSA. The Epic Games coordinator said “we are still looking into this” and asked that players who are experiencing poor performance do one of the following:

  1. Report it in-game using the Feedback button under the category "Bug". Once you do this feel free to message me directly with your IGN so we can find your client logs.
  2. If you have any screen recordings or other videos taken feel free to share with me so I can share with the team.

Fortnite’s Season 8 is currently underway with more features and updates planned for the future as well as a unique Fortnite map made that’s being created for Ninja.