'Pokemon Go' Adds Shiny Scyther for Bug Event

Pokemon Go has added a new Shiny Pokemon to its game. Players have reported that the Shiny variant of Scyther is now available in Pokemon Go as part of the game's new Bug Out Event. The event, which runs through April 9th, includes increased spawns of Bug-type Pokemon, increased Incense time, and an increase in the number of Pokemon that appear while using incense. Players can also obtain special Field Research tasks that can earn a chance to catch Nincada, a relatively rare Bug-type Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with alternate color patterns and are usually quite rare. A Shiny Scyther has a different hue of green shell and has pink legs instead of its usual light brown parts. Scyther's evolved form Scizor has a slightly more exciting Shiny form, as it's a neon yellow instead of a dark red.

Pokemon Go has a history of adding Shiny Pokemon during events, and many players were expecting Shiny Scyther to show up. As of right now the Bug Out Event doesn't feature any new Pokemon (such as the still missing Gen 4 Bug-type Pokemon Burmy) or have any other big surprises like a swap of some of the various Bug-type Pokemon exclusive to certain regions.

Players can take advantage of the new Bug-type Event for the next week. Other upcoming Pokemon Go events include an announcement of the game's upcoming live events later this week and a Bagon Community Day on April 13th.



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