New 'Fortnite' Feature in the Works to Fight Stream Sniping

Epic Games has a new Fortnite feature in the works to make it less likely that a streamer would get stream sniped during their matches. The new feature that’s currently in active development, according to Epic Games, would make it so that a streamer’s chosen skin appears as a different outfit to other players who see them in-game. Coupled with other precautions already in place that dissuade stream sniping, this feature would make it even more difficult to pinpoint a streamer’s location.

News of the new feature that’s being worked on came from a Reddit thread within the FortniteCompetitive subreddit where some of the game’s most competitive players congregate. One players pitched the exact idea detailed above that would guard streamers from being sniped in games when other players recognize their exact loadouts including outfits, back blings, and more. In the thread’s top comment, an Epic Games employee responded to say that such a feature was actually already being worked on.

“That’s a feature in active development,” said the Epic Games engineering representative under the Reddit username DanDaDaDanDan. It missed the 8.30 release window.”

The wording of the Epic Games engineer’s answer indicates that the feature might be nearing a point that it’s ready to release since they clarified that the anti-stream sniping measure missed the window for the upcoming patch. The update is the same one that’ll release the new Reboot Vans into Fortnite, so players will at least have guaranteed feature to look forward to.

Stream sniping has been a common occurrence in competitive multiplayer games and has been a struggle for streamers who constantly have people coming after them, though some of the problems can be mitigated by using the streamer mode that helps obscure their identities. Putting delays on the gameplay shown during streams is another way to avoid being stream sniped, though the fact that new features are actively being developed is proof that these measures aren’t foolproof.



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