'Overwatch' Teases New Storm Rising Archives Event

Overwatch’s next Archives Event now has a confirmed name and a date thanks to Blizzard’s latest teaser. Featuring a younger version of Soldier: 76 and other members of Overwatch’s roster of heroes, it looks like the young Morrison will be participating in a strike mission with several other heroes in an attempt to take down Doomfist. The event is titled “Storm Rising” and is scheduled to be live starting on April 16th until it ends around three weeks later on May 6th.

Blizzard shared the video below that showed a file from the Overwatch Archives being played that contained a message for Soldier: 76. The audio file hinted at past missions and encounters the Overwatch team participated in and proposed a new strategy for going after Doomfist. Instead of trying to pin something directly on Doomfist, the new plan is to go after the adversary’s accountant to follow a trail of money. Tracer, Mercy, Winston, Genji, and Reinhardt were all mentioned in the brief teaser.

Overwatch’s series of Archives Events usually happens around this time of the year, so it makes sense that Blizzard would now be teasing the next event that’s starting soon. This teaser’s references also tie in well with the previous peek into the Archives Event plans that Blizzard shared. A teaser in the form of two news articles from a paper based in Havana, Cuba, referenced businesses and other landmarks being snapped up by an “anonymous financial group” that now sounds like it might be Doomfist and his accountant accomplice. The second article spoke of a hurricane that the residents of Havana are bracing for, and that might be where Storm Rising gets its name from.

The event’s now got a date which means players are one step closer to learning everything about Storm Rising, though there’s still the question of what a Havana map will look like. A new map hasn’t been confirmed yet, but everything’s pointing towards that outcome.

Blizzard will likely reveal more info on the Storm Rising event in the coming days ahead of the event’s April 16th start date.



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