Use Mewtwo in Dungeons & Dragons

Unleash the power of the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo in your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo is arguably one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence, as evidenced by its devastating power in Detective Pikachu. While this Pokemon's potent psychic attacks are most suited for the Pokemon world, it's not too hard to imagine Mewtwo as the big bad of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. After all, psionics have been part of Dungeons & Dragons for years, and Mewtwo's tragic origins (an artificial being experimented on by humans), potent abilities, and desire for revenge are perfect for D&D, even one that doesn't involve Pokemon battles.

Luckily, a few fans have even converted Mewtwo into a monster for use in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Tim Gonzalez included Mewtwo in his Pokemon 5e project, which can be found here. His version of Mewtwo is a CR 23 monster with the ability to use a Psychic area of effect blast, a ranged Psy Strike attack, or a melee Psycho Cut attack.

There's also a version of Mewtwo made for the "Pocket Monster Manual" project over on Twitter that envisions Mewtwo as a CR 25 psionics user, with some very potent psychic attacks in addition to a range of psionics spell. This version of Mewtwo also has the ability to heal itself using Recover and can use Barrier to repel potential attackers, which makes Mewtwo even more dangerous. The Pocket Monster Manual version of Mewtwo is a lot deadlier, but also seems a bit overpowered, even for a CR 25 monster. For reference, Demogorgon, the legendary D&D prince of demons, is a CR 26 monster and doesn't have the same range of abilities and attacks as Mewtwo, despite being a deadlier monster.

Mewtwo is one of many Pokemon that have been converted for 5e use. Whether he's the ultimate bad guy for a running D&D campaign, or just a fierce monster of a one-shot session, there's plenty of ways to use Mewtwo in a tabletop setting.



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