Fortnite Update Fixes Slipstreams

Fortnite’s first big update following the start of Season 9 has already taken a look at the new Slipstream feature which many players had already taken issue with. The Slipstreams were added in the update that kicked off the start of Season 9, and while they provided a new mobility option for players to scoot around the map, they weren’t nearly as useful later in the game. Epic Games’ response to the issues was to adjust them in various ways to hopefully alleviate those problems.

If you’ve been playing Fortnite since Season 9 started, you’ve probably found the Slipstreams and zoomed through them yourself. If you’re a player who often makes it to the ends of matches, you’ve likely also shared in the frustration of being around them while you’re trying to just play the game and win. Building around Slipstreams at any point in the game was one of the biggest issues, but with the release of Season 9’s v9.01 update, being around Slipstreams and trying to build your way out of situations should be easier.

“Trying to build up to get into a Slipstream should be an easy & intuitive experience,” Epic Games’ patch notes said. “We noticed some cases where players would build up to the Slipstream, but due to build restrictions would take a ‘leap of faith’ and not make the jump. This should make getting into a Slipstream easier.”

Players who are flying in a Slipstream will also now destroy any player-built structures that they collide with, so no opponent’s structure will stand in your way once you catch some air in the wind tunnels.

For the players who found themselves unwillingly scooped up by the Slipstreams as the circles get smaller, you won’t find the Slipstreams running anymore after a certain point. Once Storm Phase 5 starts, the Slipstreams will be disabled.

“We’ve seen a number of cases where Slipstreams caused issues during late game circles - primarily around getting pulled into the storm unexpectedly,” the patch notes said. “Since the value of Slipstream mobility is limited in those scenarios, we felt it’s better to simply disable them.”

Fortnite’s v9.01 update is now available across all platforms.



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