Fortnite's Slipstreams Are Causing Late-Game Problems, Epic Games Responds

Fortnite’s new season brought on the release of an interesting new mobility feature, but it’s one that’s causing some issues when games get down to the smallest of circles. Players who are trying to win a match in the late-game phases are sometimes finding themselves scooped up by the new wind tunnels when they don’t want to be which undermines any plans they may have for their next move. Epic Games has since responded to complaints about these issues and said it’s looking into potential solutions.

Season 9 began in Fortnite a few days ago and added the Slipstreams in question that are already causing some problems. If you’re a player who recalls the time when Ziplines were added before they required a button prompt to interact with, you may be familiar with the Slipstream scenario. As the circles tighten and players are forced into certain areas, they’re sometimes caught in Slipstreams that make it so that they fly around. To make things even worse, even being near a Slipstream impacts a player’s ability to build and defend themselves. The video below that was shared on Reddit highlights the problem well.

Epic please, this could prevent people from qualifying. Shouldn't happen. Lik 80% of my endgames have been over jetstreams so far. from r/FortniteCompetitive

In response to these issues, Epic Games said it’s looking into the effect that this new wind tunnel feature has on the final stages of a match. No additional details were shared at this time, but with the Fortnite World Cup still underway this weekend, it’s unclear when these Slipstreams will be changed.

Some players have already suggested potential solutions for fixing the Slipstreams. One possibility that sounds both simple and reasonable is to just turn of the Slipstreams once the circle gets to a certain size or the player count gets low enough. As the circle closes, it’s unlikely one would need a massive wind tunnel to get around anyway.

Epic Games should be back with more updates as the problem is explored.



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