Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Spider-Gwen Gameplay and Abilities Revealed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order features several different characters from across the Spider-Verses, and one of those is Spider-Gwen. The hero is one who many people might’ve met for the first time in Into the Spider-Verse, and in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, she’s got a couple of her signature abilities at her disposal to use while she teams up with other Spider-Verse characters and the rest of Marvel’s heroes.

Game Informer’s latest reveal for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 detailed some of her powers that Spider-Gwen will use. Like other versions of Spider-Man, she’s got super speed, strength, and stamina as well as the ability to crawl on walls and detect threats with her spider-sense. She’s also a skilled fighter, a trait that manifests itself in her actual in-game abilities.

Each of those abilities that players will be able to use can be found below. You can see them in action within the Spider-Gwen trailer above along with some commentary on how they work and when one might use them.

  • Swing time: Gwen shoots a string of web into the air, then uses the momentum for a swing attack in the area. You can tap the attack button to lengthen the attack.
  • Legit Beatdown: Gwen creates a giant ball of web and swings it around her head in a circle, hitting enemies in an area.
  • Catchy Attack Name: Gwen releases multiple we blasts in front of her. You can tap the attack button to produce more webbing.
  • Disappearing Act: Gwen warps into the air above enemies and then slams to the ground unleashing a devastating shockwave. Players can hold the attack button to aim.

Spider-Gwen is the second of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance characters to be featured in this manner, the first of which being another familiar face. Miles Morales’ gameplay was discussed on Tuesday, so with Spider-Gwen being the latest reveal, expect to see more character breakdowns ahead of the game’s release.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled to release on July 19th for the Nintendo Switch.



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