Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Miles Morales Gameplay and Abilities Revealed

Miles Morales is one of many playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and as you’d expect, he’s bringing many of his known abilities into the game. Each character is limited to only a few abilities though, so he’s got four to work with that include the standard ability to shoot webs and other moves like becoming invisible and unleashing electrified attacks on his enemies.

Game Informer shared the video above as part of its Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 coverage and showed off a first look at Miles’ gameplay and his abilities in action. A quick rundown of his basic powers provided by Game Informer will look familiar to anyone who’s knowledgeable about the history of Miles and his strengths compared to the normal Spider-Man. He’s fast, strong, can crawl on walls, and has spider-sense like Peter Parker, but Miles has the unique advantage of becoming nearly invisible and shocking enemies.

But those are just the basic powers Miles has in the game. He also has specific abilities he can use to mix up attacks during combat, each of those listed below via Game Informer’s take on them.

  • Web Shooter: Miles releases multiple web blasts in front of him. Players can tap the attack button to produce more web attacks.
  • Surprise Strike: Miles turns invisible then closes in on enemies to strike with a burst of electricity.
  • Venom Strike: Miles drives both fists into the ground and releases a large sphere of electric energy in an area attack.
  • High Voltage Lines: Miles shoots a barrage of electrified webs at groups of enemies in front of him.

These electrical attacks can paralyze foes as you’ll see in the gameplay video, so picking Miles to be part of a team ensures you’ll have at least one high-flying hero who has some crowd control and damage.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 19th.



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