Ubisoft Is Working on 3 Unannounced Games

Ubisoft always seems to have several games in the works at one time, and according to the latest earnings call within the company, there are at least three more coming out by the end of the fiscal year that people don’t even know about yet. In the earnings call reports which were made public on Wednesday, Ubisoft’s presentation looked ahead to the four AAA titles that’ll bolster its fiscal year 2020. One of those is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the others are unannounced titles.

A copy of the presentation which breaks down the company’s plans can be seen here, but you can also see the relevant slide below. It sets up the games as ones that’ll facilitate “strong growth” and said each of them are AAA titles.

There’s no information within the presentation about what they might be, but knowing Ubisoft, one can prepare a few guesses. A new Just Dance game seems likely since those have been coming out each year for some time now. Just Dance 2019, for example, was revealed by Ubisoft last year during its E3 presentation and was later released on October 23rd of the same year. Just Dance 2020 hasn’t been announced by Ubisoft yet, but come time for the company’s presentation at E3, we can probably expect to see an announcement of that sort.

Ubisoft Unannounced Titles
(Photo: Ubisoft)

For other guesses related to Ubisoft’s plans, we can turn to rumors from the past that might indicate what’s in the works. There’s been talk of a certain Watch Dogs 3 releasing some time this year, though that information hasn’t been confirmed yet. Talks about the game have gone beyond just confirming it by now though and have looked ahead to where the game might take place.

News of unannounced games from Ubisoft may also bring to mind a recent series of tweets that gave hope to Splinter Cell fans about the possibility of a new game. A Ubisoft creative director took to Twitter to discuss work on a new Splinter Cell game, but Ubisoft said that the employee was “obviously joking.” The studio said it’s got nothing to announce at this time, so some people aren’t fully buying the statement.

Whatever Ubisoft may be planning to announce, look for their presentation at E3 to see what the rest of this year holds.



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