Xbox One Insiders Are Getting a New Download Feature

Some Xbox Insiders are getting a first look at a new feature related to the way the Xbox One downloads games and other content. Those in the Preview Alpha Skip Ahead part of the program can now try out a feature that tells users how long it takes until whatever it is they’re downloading will be finished. It’s a feature the console lacked until now, and after the testing has completed, it’ll roll out for all Xbox One users.

Microsoft’s Brad Rossetti from the Xbox Preview Program announced the release of the new feature recently on Twitter and said it would “show you more valuable data on when you can play” the game’s that you’re downloading. The patch notes for the latest Xbox Insider update that are seen here include the relevant information below about the download queue’s new feature.

“We are adding new features in this build to the Download Queue in My Games and Apps today based on User feedback,” the patch notes said. “You will now see the Estimated time to finish downloads appears in queue and Allow users to move titles in the queue up and down, not just move to front. Please test out these new features and provide feedback.”

Xbox Download Queue
(Photo: Microsoft)

An image that shows what this feature will look like was also provided. If you’ve played on a PlayStation 4 or perhaps on the PC platform, you’ve already benefitted from this feature and will know that it’s nothing flashy. What it does do though is give users at least a general idea of when their products will be downloaded or at least have progressed enough so that they can be launched.


The Xbox Insiders in the Preview Alpha Skip Ahead program now have access to this feature and the rest of the latest update.

Thanks, Windows Central.