(Update) GameStop Is Testing a New Pro Benefit


Update: GameStop shared additional details with us about the new Pro benefit. Testing for the perk will begin on June 2nd and will take place in 74 stores. A GameStop spokesperson said the objective is to “Create a stronger benefit that appeals broadly to all PowerUp Rewards members, including those that buy digital, collectibles, or choose to buy only new products.” This new incentive will give “gamers of all types” the chance to “choose how they want to be rewarded.”

The test is the result of consumer research which showed the new benefit was more appealing than the 10% discount, GameStop said.

“New benefit appeal tested higher than current 10% off pre-owned games and accessories benefit, which is why we want to further test this promotion to ensure customers are receiving full value with this program,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

GameStop also addressed the apparent price increase for the Pro membership that's shown on the site.

“We are testing three different versions of PowerUp Rewards - all three removing the 10% PO games and accessories discount and replacing it with $5/month coupon," GameStop said. "2 test cells are $14.99 and 1 is $19.99."

Original: GameStop is currently testing a benefit change for its Pro members that swaps out one perk for another. Pro members currently get 10% discount on pre-owned games and accessories, but in the new version of the Pro rewards that’s being tested, that benefit will be replaced by a $5 reward certificate. These certificates will be given out at the start of every month throughout the year, but since they don’t carry over, you’ll have to make sure you use the certificate before the end of the month.

A landing page for GameStop’s new Pro benefit shares more details on the incentive. The certificate can be spent on anything from games to accessories and collectibles, according to the page. GameStop’s chart shown on the page listed the monthly reward certificate as a new perk of the Pro membership among other benefits like more points back for money spent and issues of Game Informer magazine, and the fine print at the bottom specified that the benefit would be replacing the 10% discount perk.

“$5 Reward Certificate Benefit Test - Reward certificates will be sent on the first of every month and can be accessed in member's Active Offers and via the monthly account summary,” GameStop’s details about the new benefit said. “$5 reward certificates will expire at the end of the calendar month and cannot be rolled over. $5 reward certificates cannot be used to purchase select POSA cards. For full terms and conditions, click here. $5 monthly reward certificate benefit is currently testing and can be cancelled or modified at any time. This benefit replaces the 10% off of pre-owned games and accessories benefit and is only available at participating stores.”


Since the benefit is currently in testing, there’s a chance it could be altered or removed entirely as the fine print suggested.

Some have also noticed that a different price for the yearly Pro membership is shown on the site. It lists a Pro membership at $19.99 a year, though the general page for the Pro membership still lists it as $14.99. That site also doesn’t have the certificate listed as a reward yet though, so perhaps the price has gone up and not every page has been updated yet. We’ve reached out to GameStop for clarification and will update accordingly.