Apex Legends Next Character May Be Bangalore's Brother

Apex Legends' next legend probably isn't dropping until Season 2 drops, which is likely going to happen next month. The question is: what type of character will Respawn Entertainment add to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC battle royale game? Well, some fans think it may actually be Lieutenant Jackson Williams, the brother of Anita Williams, which is the real name of Bangalore. Earlier this week, Respawn posted some lore content involving Bangalore, providing some backstory to the character, which is how we learned her real name is Anita Williams and how she served in the IMC with her brother.

In an image accompanying the lore, Jackson Williams can be seen falling from an ISM Hestia ship, which would presumably be his death. However, Bangalore thinks her brother is still alive, which suggests he may just his rear his head in the future as character.

That said, while it's possible Jackson will show up in the future, it doesn't look like he will be the next character. As you may know, a character named Wattson, who is said to be a situational hero who has the ability to set electric traps, has long been rumored and teased as the game's next character, ruling out a return for Jackson as the game's 10th character.


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