Pokemon Go Drops Cost of Giving Legendary Pokemon a Second Charge Move

Pokemon Go has suddenly dropped the Candy cost of giving Legendary Pokemon a second Charge Move. Players are reporting that it now only costs 25 Candies to add a second move to a Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It previously cost 100 Candies and 100,000 Stardust to obtain a second move for Legendary Pokemon. While the Stardust cost hasn't changed, the reduced candy price makes it much easier to power up your Legendary Pokemon with a new move that increases its versatility in Raid Battles and PvP combat. It's unclear whether this is a permanent change or simply an inadvertent glitch.

Late last year, Pokemon Go gave players the option of spending Pokemon candies and Stardust to give their Pokemon a second Charge Move as part of their new PvP additions. The cost of these second moves changed depending on the Pokemon species, with Legendary Pokemon having the highest cost (100 Candies and 100,000 Stardust) to bulk up. Because of how rare Legendary Pokemon candies are, the high cost meant it was usually more effective to add Charge moves to non-Legendary Pokemon and increase their effectiveness instead.


Mewtwo, Moltres, Raikou, and Groudon are some of the Legendary Pokemon that benefit most from a second move. Deoxys and Giratina can also be prioritized if players are looking to add some more versatility to their PVP team.

As mentioned earlier, the change was unannounced and many players believe it to be an error. As such, players might want to jump on this opportunity while they still can.