Gears 5 Trailer Reveals Terminator Crossover

The latest trailer for Gears 5 was unveiled today during Xbox’s big E3 event, and it included a surprise that even the most knowledgeable of Gears of War fans couldn’t have expected. Included in the game as a pre-order bonus is a Terminator: Dark Fate character pack that’ll let you play as one of the red-eyed Terminators from the long-running series. The pack will be available as a free bonus when the game launches for anyone who either pre-orders the title or has an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Gears of War games have historically come with character packs that let you take on the looks of different human and Locust characters, but this one was still quite out there even considering what we’ve been able to become in the past. The description for the pack that’s found on the Gears 5 site shows what it’ll entail with the character skin, weapon cosmetics, and a limited-time boost included in the deal.


“Play Gears 5 with an active Xbox Game Pass membership or pre-order any digital edition of Gears 5 before September 16, 2019, and receive the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring Sarah Connor and the T-800 from the film, the Vector Lancer Skin and 7 days of Boost. (Character pack and skin require Xbox Live Gold on console, membership sold separately.),” the pre-order bonus description reads.

Gears 5 is scheduled to launch on September 10th for the Xbox One and PC platforms.