Backwards Compatibility Is An Important Part of The Future of Xbox, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Scarlett will be backwards compatible with every previous Xbox, meaning, the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even the original Xbox. Further details and specifics on how exactly all of this will work, hasn't been divulged, but Microsoft promises more details soon. That said, backwards compatibility isn't just something important to the Xbox Scarlett, but to the larger Xbox brand, and that will continue to be the case going forward. In other words, backwards compatibility will be a big part of the future of Xbox.

“So what I’ll say is at least right now, we’ll have more to announce on that really soon and I’ll leave it as that for right now,” said Microsoft's Ben Stillwell while speaking to Gaming Instincts about backwards compatibility on Xbox Scarlett. “But I will say that as a company, it’s important for us that compatibility is something that we’re working on. The team that I was on previously that did the Xbox Backwards Compatibility, we also did all of the Xbox One X compatibility before we went to the next console. So it’s certainly something that as a company we have a great platform change and it’s something that keeps going no matter what we do."

As you will know, the PS5 also has backwards compatibility, but for the moment, only PS4 backwards compatibility has been confirmed. As for Xbox Scarlett backwards compatibility, it's unclear how extensive it will be. There's a good chance it will work like backwards compatibility does on Xbox One, which doesn't support just any Xbox 360 or Xbox game, but a specific list of titles Microsoft has done the leg work for.


Whatever the case, it's good to see that Microsoft considers backwards compatibility a pillar of the Xbox brand. New games will be always be more exciting than old games, but the older gaming gets, the harder it gets to revisit classics, which is why backwards compatibility is so important.

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