Xbox Scarlett Probably Won't Be The Last Xbox Console, According to Phil Spencer

Sony isn't sure if the PS5 is the last PlayStation console. And apparently, Microsoft isn't very confident we'll see another traditional Xbox console either. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer thinks that most likely we won't be getting less screens in the future playing games, but more, including a local device like an Xbox console.

"Honestly, I don't know," replied Spencer when asked if the Xbox Scarlett would be the last gaming console by CNET. "I've been around long enough to know that there have been multiple 'this is the last generation.' That's not a new meme that comes out. When I look, even in a world of streaming and xCloud, and let's say streaming of any other form of media that's out there -- music, video -- the number of compute devices around us hasn't gone down, it's gone up.

Spencer continued:

"So when we introduce streaming for us, which I think is the natural kind of thing to ask in this generation, 'Hey, is this the last one?' I think what I see is streaming is going to enable this high-quality content to hit more screens around you. And I actually don't think that's going to lead to fewer screens around you. Different people will say different things on this, but the truth of the matter is that the best way for you to play a high-fidelity video game for years is going to be with a local device."


As you may know, this more or less lines up with what PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said about the future of PlayStation. Neither party is confident another console is coming, but both think streaming doesn't actually threaten the future of traditional consoles all that much, and will rather be an additive experience to gaming as a whole. In other words, streaming isn't going to kill traditional local console gaming, but simply be a new alternative, much like mobile gaming is.

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