Dwarven Forge Launches New Hellscape Kickstarter Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventure

The premium miniature terrain company Dwarven Forge has launched a new Kickstarter for a line of lava terrain perfect for your next fiery Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Dwarven Forge is the manufacturer of exceptionally detailed modular terrain tiles, which can be assembled in countless combinations to provide a premium tabletop gaming experience. Fans of Critical Role may be familiar with Dwarven Forge, as they produce many of the terrains used by Matthew Mercer when bringing tense encounters between the Mighty Nein and their various foes to life. Each terrain tile is hand-sculpted and then cast using Dwarvenite, a proprietary material that gives the pieces extra durability without losing any of the piece's unique details.

Earlier this week, Dwarven Forge launched a new Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing of a line of Hellscape lava terrain tiles. These new tiles are made using a special semi-translucent material that allows for the lava to glow when illuminated from below using special light boxes (which are also included in some pledges.) The lava still looks opaque when its not lit up, so you can enjoy the new tiles even when you're not going all out to impress your adventuring party. As with other Dwarven Forge sets, these are modular tiles that can be arranged into any combination to create unique rooms and encounters with minimal fuss.

The new Kickstarter comes with four primary pledge options. The cheapest $49 pledge gives players an assortment of hellish scatter terrain, while a $79 pledge will get the first of three encounter packs that include different modular tiles. The Kickstarter pledges include options for painted and unpainted terrain, along with special light panels made just for the Hellscape tiles and a variety of add-ons.


Dwarven Forge previewed the new tiles as part of an epic miniatures diorama at May's D&D Live 2019 event, which served to announce the upcoming Descent Into Avernus adventure. We had a chance to get an up close look at the tiles and what we saw left us absolutely drooling with excitement. Not only does Dwarven Forge produce the best terrain for miniatures, each room and encounter created with Dwarven Forge tiles turns D&D into literal pieces of artwork.

Descent Into Avernus will literally send players into hell, which makes the new Dwarven Forge sets perfect for DMs planning to run the adventure in 2020 or beyond. You can check out the full Kickstarter (which has already reached its initial pledge goal) here.