Xbox Live Is Currently Down

According to Microsoft -- and multiple Xbox Live users -- Xbox Live is down across many Xbox devices and Windows 10 devices. At the moment, it's unclear what the issue is or when it will be remedied, but Microsoft is well aware of the problem, and is working on a solution. Further, it's unclear if every Xbox Live user is being impacted or just some/most. That said, over on the Xbox Support page, Microsoft says the "core" Xbox Live services are all down, which means you can't sign into Xbox Live. Beyond this, everything seems to be working.

As you will know, like PlayStation Network, these type of outages aren't incredibly rare on Xbox Live, though they do seem to happen less with the latter than the former. Further, normally when outages like this happen, a solution is rolled out pretty quickly, but as of right now, users have been reporting issues for a few hours, suggesting a potential larger issue plaguing the service.


As you would expect, there's quite a few Xbox gamers who aren't happy with the service -- which they pay $60 a year for -- being down.

If you are one of the many Xbox players experiencing issues, then keep an eye on the Xbox support page linked above or its Twitter account for updates. Meanwhile, as you wait, be sure to get caught up on all the latest Xbox One news by peeping our previous coverage of the console and all things related to it right here.