Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Event Gives Out Bonus XP and Spell Energy

There’s a special event going on in the world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that’s giving players a chance to earn extra resources like Family XP and Spell Energy, but it’s only going to be live for a short time. It takes place today on June 29th and will last for around three hours, and for those in North America, it’s about to be underway.

The “flare-up of Foundables” as Niantic calls it will award players with bonus resources so long as they’re out tracing certain categories of Foundables and visiting Inns. A post on Niantic’s site provided more details and told players what’s in store for the limited-time event.

“The Threat Level is rising! Be prepared to grab your wand and help the SOS Task Force contain a flare-up of Foundables on Saturday, June 29th,” the post said. “For a limited time, Inns will provide extra Spell Energy and Care of Magical Creatures Traces will award additional Family XP.”


If you’re in either the Americas or Greenland, your event will be starting at 11 a.m. PDT and will run until 2 p.m. This means you’ll have three hours to accomplish as much as you can or at least restock your Spell Energy for another day of returning Foundables. The Twitter account for the mobile Harry Potter game alerted players when the event went live in other regions like those in the Asia-Pacific areas and Europe, so expect a tweet like the ones below to signal when the event is officially underway assuming it doesn’t start exactly at the time listed above.

This event follows an update that was released for the mobile game around a week ago that made it so players would get more Spell Energy from Inns anyway, so you’ll be finding even more now. If you’re not finding any luck with your Traces and hunting down some Foundables, you may as well go out to restock your Spell Energy if you’re running low.