PlayStation Plus Prices Decreasing In Some Regions

Over the years, PlayStation Plus prices have been steadily increasing, especially in certain regions. That said, for some PlayStation 4 users, PlayStation Plus is actually about to get cheaper. At the moment, the full range of the price drop is unclear, but right now we know it's decreasing in Latin America (apart from Brazil), Oman, and Saudia Arabia. According to PlayStation, it's decreasing the price due to "market conditions," the same thing it cites when it increases the price, which it recently did in Europe and Brazil.

According to an official email sent out by Sony, the prices for the 12 month subscription is decreasing from $60 to $50, so it's now $10 cheaper for those that don't have a calculator handy. Meanwhile, a three month subscription now costs $21, and one month costs $8.

Meanwhile, users are reporting out of Australia that the price has actually increased by $1:

So, keep an eye out on your email over the next couple of days, because Sony may be dropping something your way. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of price changes -- either way -- for North America.

In other related PlayStation news, there's a new rumor claiming that a new Tron game is in development for PlayStation 5 and that it's coming in 2021 as an open-world RPG. You can read more about that story, here.

Meanwhile, a new report is claiming Sony will continue its focus of big PlayStation exclusives for the PS5. In other words, continue to do what it has done this generation with the PS4. To bolster this, it's also -- reportedly -- planning to continue its partnerships with big third-party publishers that usually leads to exclusive content or sometimes even console exclusive games.


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