Three New Features Coming to NBA 2K20

Earlier this month, 2K revealed NBA 2K20, which is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 6, featuring Anthony Davis and Dwayne Wade on its various covers. And, it looks and sounds a lot like NBA 2K, which like other sports games, rarely makes big changes between installments. That said, there are new features and changes to gameplay, some of which 2K has begun to reveal. Here are three of said features:


NBA 2K20 is poised to add WNBA, though at the moment, it's unclear how robust this will be. For example, is it limited to a single mode or is it in the game in the same way as the NBA? The former is more likely indicative of the feature.

Improvements to dribbling:

NBA 2K20 promises to come with improvements to its physics system. This will lead to refinement in multiple areas, including dribbling and ball handling, which will also be improved with better character and AI awareness. In short, handling the rock will be more realistic and more fluid, aka less clunky.

There's also an emphasis being put on not just graphical improvement, but animation improvement. 2K wants animations to be smoother, more realistic, and more varied.

No More Pushing:

Pushing won't be returning for NBA 2K20, which shouldn't drastically alter the gameplay, but will make many happy. As you will know, the game's community is pretty split on pushing, though I'd say more dislike it than want it in the basketball sim.


Of course, there's a lot more features and changes being made by NBA 2K20, which will presumably be detailed by 2K in the build-up to launch. In other words, don't take this as an exhaustive list, because it isn't. Hopefully one of these changes is the complete removal of unskippable ads before games, which 2K has been messing around with in NBA 2K19. The response from fans over this has been very negative, so I'd be surprised to see NBA 2K20 continue this trend.

NBA 2K20 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch when it launches on September 6. It's also coming to Stadia when Google's gaming platform releases later in the year.