League of Legends Patch Once Again Lets Players Pet Little Legends

In what is perhaps one of the most important parts of League of Legends’ Patch 9.14, players on the Howling Abyss now have the option to take a break from their ARAM matches and pet the Little Legends that scurry around the map. This feature is one that was removed from the game during the last patch cycle after an issue caused some unintended interactions with the tiny creatures, but the feature is now back in the game with the release of Patch 9.14.

Riot Games’ senior QA for Teamfight Tactics Arnór “Riot Hjarta” Halldórsson tweeted about the feature’s return ahead of the patch’s release to let players know that they would soon be able to interact with the Little Legends. By left-clicking the small companions when hovering over them, they’ll react differently depending on which one you’re petting. Champions won’t actually reach out to interact with them themselves though, so you won’t be seeing Aatrox kneeling down to show the Little Legends some love.


Weeks ago, this feature was revealed before promptly being removed after players discovered that they could actually use the Little Legends to their advantage. Lee Sin, Jax, and Katarina all have abilities that let them jump to allied units to change their position, and it appears as though Little Legends qualified as a viable unit to interact with. The feature was turned off after that was discovered and remained disabled throughout the duration of Patch 9.13, but with the next update out, it’s now back.

These Little Legends come from Teamfight Tactics first and foremost, and if you’re more a fan of that mode than you are of ARAM, there’s still a lot to take in from the latest patch. A new ranked system has been added to the game mode, and there’s also a new champion you’ll find in the rotation now that Twisted Fate has been added. Those are just two of many features and changes released for Teamfight Tactics though, so you’ll want to read up on the full list of patch notes before hopping into the ranked mode.