Pokemon Go Reveals First Look at Team Rocket Event

Pokemon Go has revealed a first look at its upcoming Team Rocket event, courtesy of the Apple App Store. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go released new preview images on the Apple App Store, showing a Team Rocket Grunt standing in front of the photo disc of a Poke Stop. While the Pokemon Go App Store page doesn't reference or mention the Team Rocket Grunt at all, it's the latest sign that an event involving Team Rocket is about to start, possibly as soon as this weekend. You can check out the preview image below:

pogo rocket

Pokemon Go has teased that Team Rocket would invade its game for several weeks now, beginning with Team Rocket members "photobombing" players at Pokemon Go Fest. A Team Rocket balloon also appeared over the Pokemon Go Fest event in Dortmund, Germany, which then spurred a conversation between the Pokemon and Pokemon Go Twitter accounts.


While details about the upcoming event are still officially a mystery, we do know that it will involve Shadow Pokemon that have had their stats boosted via unnatural means. Players can catch Shadow Pokemon after defeating Team Rocket grunts in PvP battles at PokeStops. Once caught, players can "Purify" the Shadow Pokemon, which gives them access to the new Charge move Return. A Special Research quest will also be involved with the upcoming Team Rocket event.

Players expect Pokemon Go to make an official announcement at some point in the next couple of days. Thanks to past datamines, we know that Mudkip is a Shadow Pokemon, which corresponds with this weekend's Community Day event. Does this mean that Pokemon Go plans to have Team Rocket invade the game either today or tomorrow? Stay tuned to ComicBook.com for more as this story develops.