Teamfight Tactics Hotfix Nerfs Locket Ahead of First Ranked Weekend

Teamfight Tactics players who are queuing up for a weekend of ranked games now that the more competitive mode is live will find that the Locket of the Iron Solari isn’t quite as strong as it was when Patch 9.14 released. A hotfix has gone out that targeted this item specifically to bring it back down to its pre-patch state, at least as far as the sheer numbers go.

Riot Mort, principal game designer at Riot Games and lead designer for the Modes Team, tweeted on Friday to say that the Locket item had been nerfed in the hotfix to makes sure everyone has “the most fun possible this weekend.” The value of the shield the item grants to nearby units was brought down from 300 to 200, so it now has the same shielding power that it did before Patch 9.14 went out. The Rioter continued to say that future patches would make “some larger changes to the item.”

Though the buff from the patch was reverted, one other change that was included in the same update still remains. The way that the item shields those nearby is different from before the patch with it shielding teammates that are farther away in certain directions.

“Now shields the wearer and the champions two spaces to the left and right of the wearer at the start of the round,” the patch notes read for the item changes.


Depending on which side of the Locket you typically find yourself on, this may be good or bad news. Locket comps have been rising in popularity in Teamfight Tactics, especially when paired with Sorcerers like Lulu, and the buffed shield only made these strategies more prominent in games. Most matches typically involved people running this type of team or the ever present Assassin/Ninja comp which can steamroll through most champions unless they had a 300-point shield protecting them.

Aside from this hotfix, there are still several other notable item changes which released in the last patch that affected popular picks like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Rapidfire Cannon. You’ll want to read up on those by consulting the patch notes for all the changes, especially if you’re planning on hopping into some ranked games this weekend.