Pokemon Go Adds New Shadow Pokemon

Pokemon Go is adding nearly a dozen new Shadow Pokemon to shore up Team Rocket's forces. The game's Twitter account declared that Team Rocket will be bringing several new Shadow Pokemon to the game, offering even more challenges to players. The new Shadow Pokemon include Poliwag, Grimer, Drowsee, Magikarp, and Houndour. Team Rocket will also add Shadow Ralts, presumably in time for this weekend's Community Day event. One note is that any Shadow Ralts evolved into either Gallade or Gardevoir during Community Day will not learn the exclusive Community Day move.

The full list of Pokemon being added to the game can be seen below:

Players can capture Shadow Pokemon after battling Team Rocket Grunts at discolored PokeStops. Once the Grunt is defeated, players have the opportunity to capture one of their Shadow Pokemon, adding them to their collection. A Shadow Pokemon can be Purified once captured, which gives them a permanent stat boost and raises their level.


Team Rocket looks to be a major part of Pokemon Go's plans moving forward - we'll have to see how many more Shadow Pokemon species will be added to the game, and whether or not Team Rocket is planning on another worldwide invasion like they did last weekend.

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