Destiny 3 Director Addresses Open-World Rumor

Earlier this year, a rumor claiming to know some details about Destiny 3 surfaced, and quickly started to make the rounds. One of the biggest claims it made was that the third game in the looter-shooter series will have a vast open-world that will mix and match both PvP and PvE elements. Of course, this would be a big difference between what the series has done so far. That said, it appears this rumor -- or at least this specific claim -- is inaccurate, which will be music to the ears of fans who were worried that Bungie may drastically be changing up the series with the next installment, its first installment since its break up with Activision.

As you will know, Bungie hasn't officially acknowledged Destiny 3, though it's certainly in some form of development right now. That said, in a recent blog post, series director Luke Smith talked about the franchise at depth, including diving into its past and future. And at one point during the post, it appears Smith more or less shoots down the rumor claiming an open-world future for the shooter. According to Smith, Bungie's aim with the series is to have one, evolving world. However, this doesn't literally mean one big open-world.

"It’s why the second component of the vision is a single, evolving world (to clarify, that single evolving world doesn’t mean there’s only one destination on the Director—that’s not where we’re heading!)."

For those that don't know, when Smith mentions "only one destination on the Director," he's referring to just one open-world. And so when Smith says that's not the direction Bungie is taking the series, he more or less confirms there won't be one big open-world in Destiny 3.

Unfortunately, Smith doesn't divulge any more details or hints for Destiny 3, which some rumors claim is releasing next year, but, at the moment, this looks unlikely unless Bungie reveals the game very soon.


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