League of Legends Delays Eternals Launch to Make Changes

Riot Games has opted to delay the release of League of Legends’ new Eternals feature to make time for a few adjustments following players’ feedback. The studio announced its plans to change the for-pay achievement system in a post on Friday that refreshed players on what Eternals actually are and what they’ll soon look like compared to the first version that was revealed. Some of the notable changes include a reduced cost and the option to buy some Eternals for Blue Essence.

The post from Friday said Riot had listened to players’ feedback and worked out some changes within the 10 days since the system was first announced. Recapping the point of Eternals, Riot described it as a new cosmetic which allows players to showcase their achievements on certain champions. General stats like kills and champion-specific trackers like the number of times you’ve killed a champion with your ultimate are just some of the achievements tracked. In-game pop-ups signaled when a milestone had been reached, and progressing far enough unlocked a unique mastery emote.

The initial announcement resulted in confusion over what players were actually getting which amplified the community’s frustration towards having to pay for a progression system. Riot cited the amount of work required to create the system as a justification for the cost, but the reasoning did little to pacify players.

If you missed the first announcement, you can catch up on those details here. Included in the latest post was a bulleted list of the main changes coming to the Eternals system, each of those points found below.

Eternals Adjustments

  • Lowering the price of Eternals sets
  • Separating sets into Uniques and Commons
  • Creating more Unique Eternals per champion
  • Making Common sets available for BE during Essence Emporiums
  • Creating discounted Eternals bundles for those with larger champion pools

The various metrics mentioned previously that these Eternals track will now be split into the Unique and Common sets. Common Eternals track general stats like kills and objectives players have destroyed, and those will be available for 225 Riot Points and in the Essence Emporium for 3,500 Blue Essence. The Unique Eternals will be customized for specific champions and will be available only for 590 Riot Points. Both sets will include three Eternals per champion. For reference, a set of Eternals previously cost 850 Riot Points.

Discounted multi-champion bundles are also in the works for these Eternals, though those haven’t been finalized yet. A new release timeframe has not been given for the feature, but League players with a PBE account can test the system now.

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