Minecraft Now Has Fuzzy Bees

Minecraft’s latest update has added bees and all kinds of bee accessories to the Java version of the game. These fuzzy new mobs are neutral and don’t want to sting players, but they will if they’re provoked. Along with these bees come honeycombs and hives, all of which can be experienced now in the latest Java Snapshot. Mojang released a breakdown of all the bee-related changes along with a short video of the busy mobs in action.

The bees in Minecraft work a lot like one would expect them to if you’re at least somewhat knowledgeable about bees’ stingers and their proficiency for spreading pollen and honey habits. These mobs fly around during the day when it’s not raining and can be bred using flowers. If provoked, they’ll sting players, but doing so will cause the stinger to be left in the player which will result in the bee eventually dying.

As for the bees’ roles in the game, you can find them near their Bee Nests which spawn in biomes like the Flower Forests, Plains, and Sunflower Plains. They float around and complete journeys to and from these nests to raise the level of honey housed inside. Once the nests are filled up with the max five levels of honey, players can either use shears to get a honeycomb or use a bottle to get a honey bottle. These honeycombs can be used to create Bee Hives while the honey bottles can either be drank or crafted into sugar.

Bees aside, the same update also added a new loot table function and fixed a couple of bugs. You can find a quick rundown of the main points of the new patch below.


Minecraft Snapshot 19W34A

  • Added Bees
  • Added Bee Nests and Hives
  • Added Honeycomb
  • Added some dispenser functionality
  • Minecraft: Java Edition now requires OpenGL 2.0
  • New function for loot tables called copy_state
  • Fixed bugs

Minecraft’s latest update is now live through the latest Java Edition Snapshot.

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