Pokemon Masters Reveals These Two Classic Characters Are Best Friends

Pokemon Masters highlights the growth of a classic trainer from the earliest Pokemon games. When players log into Pokemon Masters for the very first time, they're greeted by Blue, the rival character from Pokemon Red and Blue. Blue is the grandson of Professor Oak and starts off Pokemon Red and Blue as an obnoxious thorn in the player's side, always ambushing players at the end of grueling journeys between towns and staying one step ahead of the player in gym battles. In fact, Blue becomes Champion before the player and is the final challenge players have to face in their quest of becoming a Pokemon Master.

However, Pokemon Masters shows how much Blue has grown since those first Pokemon games. Blue takes on the role Professor Oak had in the original Pokemon games, taking the player's name and greeting them to the island region of Pasio. Additionally, Pokemon Masters also notes that the relationship between Blue and his in-canon rival Red (the trainer who players controlled in Pokemon Red and Blue) has changed a lot over the years. A Pokemon Masters load screen notes that Blue's best friend is Red, showing that the two have matured from adversaries to true friends.

Recent games have hinted that Red and Blue have put aside their differences over the year. The pair have a chummy relationship in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Blue isn't nearly as obnoxious or cruel in the Pokemon: Let's Go remakes released last year. Even Blue's counterpart in the anime, Gary Oak, mellowed out over time. After losing to Ash in the Silver League, the two put aside their differences for good with one final Pokemon battle before Gary decided to become a Pokemon Professor like his grandfather.


Blue will also be the focus of Pokemon Masters' first Story Event, so we should see even more glimpses of how the character has changed since then. Blue's Story Event begins on September 2nd.

Pokemon Masters is available to download now on Android and iOS devices.