Pokemon Go Reveals New Team Rocket Admins, Teases Giovanni's Return

Team Rocket isn't quite done with Pokemon Go yet. Yesterday, the Pokemon Go Twitter account revealed the game's new loading screen, which showcases Giovanni and several Team Rocket admins standing in front of the Viridian City gym surrounded by Shadow Pokemon. The image is a very obvious sign that some new Team Rocket content is coming to Pokemon Go that may involve Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Also visible in the new image are several new species of Shadow Pokemon, including Mawile, Tyranitar, and Scizor.

Pokemon Go first teased these new Team Rocket admins earlier this week in a series of cryptic tweets. We still don't know how these Pokemon trainers will come into play, but the image seems to indicate that they'll be tougher than the typical Team Rocket grunt.


Pokemon Go first introduced Team Rocket to the game this summer as a recurring antagonist for trainers. Team Rocket will occasionally "take over" PokeStops and face off against trainers with corrupted variant Pokemon. Once players defeat the Team Rocket grunt, they have the opportunity to capture the Shadow Pokemon and purify it, giving the Pokemon a permanent stat boost. Team Rocket's "takeover" of Pokemon Go came with a clever marketing scheme that involved viral teases, the "defacing" of several Pokemon Go ads, and even a Team Rocket hot air balloon.

We'll definitely find out more about Team Rocket's plans for Pokemon Go in the coming days. In the meantime, leave your speculation in the comment section!