PS5 Tech Demos Revealed

Developers around the world are already making games for the PlayStation 5, and have had PS5 dev kits for awhile now. That said, when Sony started to ship out dev kits to studios, it didn't just send the console, it set some tech demos with it to showcase some of the console's new bells and whistles. For example, Gran Turismo Sport has been ported to PS5 and revamped with it in mind. Included in this revamp is support for the new haptics motors in the PS5 controller, which are replacing the previous rumble motors. With these new haptics motors, the feedback is so precise that players will be able to deduce what surface they are driving on just by the feedback. So, if the left side of your car is on cement while the right side is in gravel, you will be able to tell by the difference in the feedback. It's not revolutionary technology, but it does sound like it will add another layer of immersion to certain games. And it seems like racing games may benefit the most from this feature, so it makes sense Sony sent a Gran Turismo Sport demo with the dev kit.

The PS5 dev kit is also said to include a few different platformer demos developed by SIE Japan Studio. Again, these were sent out to convey just what haptics motors in the controller are capable of. That said, given that the demos sent with the console all seem to be in service of showcasing the new PS5 controller probably means that this will be a big selling point for Sony when it starts marketing the console.

Interestingly, according to Wired, Sony said it has been working on this technology for a long time. In fact, it was working on it before the DualShock 4, which is to say before the PS4.


PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime during holiday 2020. There are still no official details on a specific release date, a price point, or games line-up, all of which we probably won't hear about until 2020.

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