Fortnite Chapter 2: How To Upgrade Weapons

Another new Fortnite mechanic that’s been discovered at the start of Chapter 2 allows players to get themselves a better weapon, assuming they’ve got the resources to cover the cost. Various points of interest around the map now play host to what the community is simply referring to as “upgrade stations” that trade an existing weapon and some building materials for a better version of the gun you currently have.

The new upgrade machines have already been spotted in numerous places around the map. Seen in the tweets below, they look like a table with tools spinning overhead and stand apart from their surroundings with a slight glow to them. Once you approach one, you’ll find that you can hand over your current weapon and a bunch of building materials to get an upgraded version of the gun handed back to you.

What upgrade you’re going for will determine how much you have to pay. Going from the base grey weapons to an Uncommon green tier will cost you 50 of each of the building materials. The prices go up from there depending on how valuable the rarity is. For example, upgrading a weapon from the Rare variety to an Epic one will cost you 250 of each building material.

Like other parts of Fortnite now that Chapter 2 has been released, players are still finding out the finer details of this new system and where all they can be found. Certain locations like Dirty Docks and Holly Hedges have played host to upgrade stations, though an exhaustive list of everywhere that they can be found has yet to be made. It’s also unclear whether these spawns are consistent or if there’s a random number of places they can spawn around the updated map, but players don’t seem to have too hard of a time finding them as it is.


Trading some resources for a better weapon seems like it’d be a no-brainer for most players, so expect to see these upgrade stations get a lot of use as more players find out about them. If you’re more confident in your shooting skills than you are in your building techniques, the decision’s even easier.

Fishing in Fortnite is another new mechanic that has a chance to give players resources to use with these upgrade stations, but you might be better off just knocking down some trees and buildings. If you’d prefer to fish for your resources tranquilly, you can check out our fishing guide here.

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