Apex Legends Nerfs Its Strongest Weapon Again

Electronic Arts released a small Apex Legends update on Friday to nerf the game’s strongest weapon once again. Those nerfs were for the Charge Rifle, a weapon that’s been blasting players apart since the start of Season 3 when it was first added as the game’s second energy ammo-powered sniper. It’s been strong from the start and has been nerfed before, and while this latest nerf probably won’t be kicking it out of players’ most coveted weapons, it should make the gun a bit less oppressive.

The Charge Rifle nerf was one part of a two-part update released on Friday. It took a look at different aspects of the weapon including the attachments it can be fitted with and how many shots the weapon holds. The biggest changes include a reduced fire rate and a greater damage falloff so that players aren’t getting obliterated from across the map.

Electronic Arts released the notes for the update on Reddit and through Twitter, though the former had a more detailed breakdown of what the damage falloff is like now. Those notes can be seen below to show how much damage the Charge Rifle now does from a certain distance.

Charge Rifle Update

  • Charge Rifle can no longer equip extended energy magazines
  • Base magazine capacity is now 12 (4 shots)
  • Fire rate reduced (increased time in between shots) - From 1.1 shots/sec to 0.95 shots/sec
  • Damage falloff has been modified.
  • 90 dmg @ 150m decaying to 30 dmg @ 400m

Charge Rifle users will be saddened to see the nerfs, but those who are usually on the receiving end of it shouldn’t have much to complain about. You’ll still find plenty of people using them in-game, but it at least won’t be as much of a nuisance to go up against.

No matter which end of the rifle you find yourself on, the second part of the update is one that everyone can enjoy. If you’re not too busy playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or The Outer Worlds now that those two games are out, you can hop into Apex Legends to earn twice the experience from now until October 28th.

The Apex Legends update with the Charge Rifle nerf should now be live across all platforms.

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