Fortnite Teases Birds of Prey Event

It looks as though Fortnite will be getting a Birds of Prey crossover event soon that’s expected to feature some of the biggest DC characters from the upcoming movie. The official Fortnite Twitter account responded to a tweet from Warner Bros. Pictures that advertised the movie with a sly tweet that hinted at what’ll probably end up being a Harley Quinn skin. If past crossover events are any indication of what’ll happen, we’ll get much more than that when the Birds of Prey event is officially announced and launched.

The tweet from Fortnite only said “See you soon Harley!” with a sly emoji attached, but that’s all it took to convince Fortnite players of what’s to come. The foreshadowing is strong in the response, so expect a Birds of Prey crossover event to be announced or at leased teased further soon enough.

Considering how many crossovers Fortnite has had with other games and movies in the past, seeing Birds of Prey content in the game always seemed like a pretty likely outcome looking back on it. Epic Games and Marvel teamed up for an Avengers: Endgame event in Fortnite last year, and right around Batman Day in 2019, Epic Games also announced that it’d be having a Batman event. Both of these occasions brought unique outfits to the game which took on the looks of iconic Marvel and DC characters. Other accessories for players to customize their characters with were also added along with in-game items and game modes, so expect the Birds of Prey event to have a similarly enticing spread of content.


Epic Games hasn’t mentioned anything about the release timing for this event since the crossover hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but since the Birds of Prey movie releases on February 7th, some news will probably come sooner rather than later. If Fortnite leakers and dataminers have their way, we’ll likely end up seeing some parts of the event before it’s fully revealed whether that means an early look at skins or other items players will use in matches.

Fortnite’s been in its first season of Chapter 2 for a while now, but we finally have a start date for Chapter 2 Season 2. Epic Games’ announcement about the start of the next season said there would be two-week event taking place before the current season ends which now looks like it’ll be the Birds of Prey crossover.

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