Xbox Game Pass Seemingly Teasing Something Big

Xbox Game Pass is teasing something big for the month of February, but for now, the teasers are vague and unclear, leading to lots of speculation. If you don't follow the Xbox Game Pass on Twitter, well, recently it tweeted out a tweet that promised next month is going to be a "really" good month. What this could mean, who knows, but it suggests some big games are being added to the Xbox Game Pass library very soon.

Leading the speculation are games that have previously been announced, but haven't been added yet, such as various Yakuza and Final Fantasy games. Meanwhile the cryptic format of the tweet itself has some thinking that Control is finally coming to the service, despite Remedy Entertainment shooting down the idea not that long ago.


As you can see, there's not much to go off of here, but if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber on PC and Xbox One, I guess you can look forward to an exciting February.

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