Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's "New Feature" Is Actually Just a Bug

A massive update hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week for the launch of Season 2, which brought with it not only new content, but changes to the game. And like most video game updates these days, it also brought a whole new batch of bugs, one of which has not only become prevalent, but has been mistaken for a new feature. More specifically, there's a "new feature" involving regiment tags that lets players change the color of their name above their head. And of course, some players are abusing this by changing their tag to blue, which in turn can cause confusion for players who may mistake an enemy as a teammate.

For multiplayer, this is a game-breaking bug, which means it quickly gained traction and Infinity Ward quickly became aware of the issue, acknowledging it over on the game's Reddit page, and noting that it's not a feature, just a bug.

"This is a bug. Colorized names is not intended to be something players can do," clarified an Infinity Ward developer. "We are doing a pass now to fix regiments that have offending tags set up causing their names to be colorized. We are also implementing additional protections against the creation of regiments that have this."


At the moment, it's unclear when this issue will be completely resolved. Further, it's also unclear if punishments will be dealt out for players who abused this system. In the past, Infinity Ward has punished cheaters, but in this instance, there's no way to determine who did this to cheat and who did this because blue is their favorite color.

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