Rumored PS5 Exclusive Deconfirmed By Leaker

A rumored PlayStation 5 exclusive has been deconfirmed by a prominent leaker. At the moment of publishing, Sony has hardly said anything about the PS5, including what games will launch alongside it. As a result, rumors and "leaks" are trying to fill in the gaps. Right now, there's a lot of rumored PS5 exclusives, many of which are rumored to launch alongside the console. For example, there's been rumblings of a new Ratchet & Clank game, a SOCOM reboot, a remake of Demon's Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and many more. Included in these rumored games is word of a sequel to Bloodborne, tentatively called Bloodborne 2.

Bloodborne debuted back in 2015 from Sony and developer FromSoftware, the makers of games like Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Not only was it critically-acclaimed -- currently sitting at a 92 on Metacritic -- it sold well and had a great performance come Game of the Year. For many, a sequel is inevitable. However, FromSoftware is a very busy and in-demand developer these days, which perhaps explains why a sequel may not be in development right now.

According to ResetEra insider, Omnipotent, Bloodborne 2 is currently not in development at the Japanese developer.

“From[Software] works on multiple projects all the time," says the leaker. "As of right now, the game isn’t in development or in line to be in development. So in the event that a Bloodborne sequel does happen, it’s not happening any time soon.”


As you can see, not only does the leaker claim the game is not in development, but suggests it's not even in line to be in development. However, nowhere does Omnipotent say there's no plans to make the game, leaving the door open for the sequel to debut at some point via the PS5.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, like any rumor. Even if everything here is correct, it's also subject to change. That said, the leaker in question has proven reliable in the past. Meanwhile, while most PS5 games are still in the "rumored" status, there have been a few confirmed so far. You can check out all of these confirmed PS5 games HERE.

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