Twitch Streamer Banned After Firing Gun Live on Stream

Popular Twitch streamer, Carl "SoaRCarl" Riemer has banned from Twitch after accidentally firing a gun live on stream. Last night during a routine stream, Riemer picked up his pistol in order to make a joke with it. While doing this, he tried to unload a bullet from the chamber by racking the slide, but he didn't do it properly. During the video, you can see a round exit the ejection port, however, the streamer left a magazine in the magazine well. Further, his finger was on the trigger. The result was Riemer accidentally firing his gun into his desk. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, however, he was banned from Twitch for a violation of the platform's rules.

The banning took a little bit to kick in, but the streamer has since taken to Twitter to apologize for what he did, and admit this could put an end to his career as a streamer.

"Don't do what I did," wrote the streamer on Twitter. "Ever. Literally everything was going perfectly in life and one mistake ruined everything I've been doing for year. I cannot put into words how sorry I am and how dangerous what I did last night was."


In addition to being banned from Twitch, Riemer's organization, SoaR, also dropped him. An explanation wasn't provided, but an official statement on Twitter did note that the organization does not condone the actions in question.

At the moment of publishing, Riemer hasn't announced what's next. For now, he is simply taking responsibility for what he calls "the biggest mistake of his life." Meanwhile, while SoaR have issued a statement on the situation, Twitch has opted to remain silent.

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