2K Is Hiring for a Mysterious New Shooter


A job listing posted by 2K suggests that the developers are hoping to put together a new team geared specifically towards a new first-person shooter game.

Throughout their impressive catalog of games, 2K is no stranger to the first-person shooter genre. Their games may not be the ones that most players think of at first, instead conjuring up thoughts of games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, but their first-person shooters have been impressive regardless. With titles like BioShock and Borderlands under their belt, 2K does more than fine when dealing with the genre.

The “unannounced AAA first-person action game” as it’s being called within the job postings doesn’t lend many details as to what is to be expected from it, but it was said throughout the position listings that whoever is working on the game will be a brand new team to 2K.

“Hello! We’re starting up a new team here at 2K to - surprise! - make a video game,” the opening of several job listings read. “A first-person shooter to be precise.”

Some of the positions that are listed for the upcoming game include a Principal Animator, Lead Gameplay Engineer, and Lead Technical Artist, all of the jobs being centered in California. The listings call for a couple of different qualifications depending on the area of expertise, but they all look for someone with experience in publishing these high-quality, AAA games.

As mentioned previously, the job listings don’t provide much info related to the nature of the game or what franchise it might fall in, but there is one popular 2K series that could probably be omitted. While it’s still possible that the new team is being set up to assist with the production of Borderlands 3, a game that’s been teased repeatedly ahead of its official announcement, it seems less likely that the team is working on it. It’s already been said in the past that around 90 percent of Gearbox Software was hard at work on what’s most definitely Borderlands 3, and without the job listing being tied to a particular studio it’s difficult to say that it’s for any game in particular.

There’s no word on what the upcoming game in question might be, but fans of 2K will hopefully hear news of the title promptly.

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