3000 Scoundrels Announced

Asmodee has announced 3000 Scoundrels, a new engine-building board game set in an alternative history version of the Wild West. In the game, players attempt to collect futuristic technology from the Traveler, who is implied to be a time traveler of some kind. 3000 Scoundrels utilizes clear cards to allow players to create unique scoundrels with their own abilities and activation requirements. Players recruit these scoundrels into their posse, which are drafted and then used to string combos of actions together. On each turn, players will place a poker card face down on the board and activate any ability that uses that card. The catch is that players can lie about which card they placed on the board. If a player is caught, they're punished and are less likely to win the game as a result.

The new game will be published by Asmodee's Unexpected Games, a game studio founded by former Fantasy Flight Games designer Corey Konieczka. Konieczka was the designer behind some of Fantasy Flight Games' biggest hits and founded Unexpected Games in 2019 to design "unique game experiences." 

In a press release announcing 3000 Scoundrels, Konieczka explained that "3000 Scoundrels was created from my love of card games, engine building, and bluffing. It started as a deconstruction of what a 'card' is in a game, and it tries to turn the genre on its head. I really think this game will resonate with hobby gamers all over the world.

3000 Scoundrels will be released this fall and will have a $49.95 retail price. The game will be available at hobby retailers and can be pre-ordered from Asmodee's website.