81-Year-Old 'Destiny 2' Player Writes Story About Players Who Helped Him Complete a Raid, Goes Viral

One of the amazing things about online play is that it brings people close together. There's truly [...]

One of the amazing things about online play is that it brings people close together. There's truly no feeling like squading up with friends once more to take on an online game experience together. Whether it's an MMO shooter like Destiny, or an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, sometimes an adventure is better with buds. In the case of one 81-year-old Destiny 2 player, a tale of friendship reminds us why the word "online" isn't a bad thing.

Fibby "FIBBOB" Kinney is a retired 81-year-old writer and a huge fan of the universe that Bungie created within their Destiny franchise. With Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion bringing loads of new content to the game itself, Kinney was looking for a little help finishing out the original Leviathan raid to properly close out year 1. But raids aren't solo missions, and he needed help.

Kinney then took to a Facebook Destiny 2 group to ask for help, and help he received.

"I don't ever do sherpa raids in D2, but I just had to for this fellow," said one player on Reddit. "It was an absolute delight helping him. We later did Eater of Worlds and helped Fib get his Legend of Acrius as well. We also plan on doing Spire of Stars very soon."

Once the raid was cleared, the high of success rung true — but it wasn't just about the raid itself, it was the sense of community, which inspired the Kinney to pen a heartfelt short story about his experience with his LFG team.

The story itself is a little lengthy, but you can check out an excerpt from the beginning below.

"I was at the Tower sitting under the 'Tree of Wonders' wondering how my life as a guardian was going. I had done a lot, except I had not done the 'Raid' the big one where only the best guardians had a chance at taking down this 'Golden Emperor' from hell. Suddenly some spaceships landed and out stepped a crew of elite guardians called, 'The G Team' (Guardians Elite), they held this title because they were perfect in battle. They were the best of the elite and had a reputation for 'Flawless' I looked at them in awe," Kinney wrote.

"The leader, whose tag read, PXG_S3 looked at me sitting under the tree...he motioned his team to join him. They approached me. The leader said, 'We lost our wingman on the way in. We are going to the Raid, and we need one more to join us. Are you In? I was flabbergasted! Yea!!! Is all I could say. I noticed one of the 'G Team' was a female. Her name tag read, 'Angelbabyluv' . I said, for someone so beautiful to be an elite, Wow. She just smiled and said, 'When we get there just follow me and do what I say. I said, 'I'm there!' Then SuprEvilPoptarts, UNOSEKOJ, and Niguh-soft all grinned at this new guardian who looked like he had seen a lot of years on this embattled earth. 'Let's go guardian, we have a fight to fulfill and you are going to see some action like you have never seem before! They all Laughed, we were ready to pile into our spaceships and take off for the Big Fight... Calus would Die tonight!" Kinney added.

"As we gathered together before boarding our ships, PXG turned to me and said, ' Today we lost Caldante, he was test piloting the new ship from the 'Moments of Triumph'. There were still a few bugs to work out in the new spacecraft and it blew up when he tried to put it to the test. You are taking his place, guardian, be up for the task!' I snapped a hard salute and said, 'Yes Sir, I will do my very best to honor this fallen guardian. The rest of the crew gave a 'Hooray!!' And we took off to battle," Kinney continued.

You can read more of the thrilling story right here at the original reddit post. You can also see the flood of wonderful comments from players all over the world, really showing true testament to the power of online gaming.