A Way Out is 6-8 Hours Long; Creator Josef Fares Says He Will Never Use Microtransactions


In a little over a week, EA and Brother: A Tale of Two Sons team Hazelight Studios will release, A Way Out, a co-op only game about escaping prison. That said, in a promotion campaign, the game's director and creator, Josef Fares, has revealed how long players should expect to spend with the unique-looking title.

During a recent demo with GameSpot, Fares revealed that A Way Out will clock in at roughly six to eight hours, depending on your playstyle. Now, this may not be as long as some may want, however, it's important to remember this won't be a full $60 release, but rather cost a budget-friendly $29.99 USD.

Fares – being the talkative guy he is – also divulged other pertinent tidbits, including that when A Way Out began development Hazelight was only 10 people deep, but now is 40. Whether the studio will maintain 40 after the release of A Way Out and when its deal with EA ends, is unclear, and remains to be seen.

Fares also illustrated his passion for the game's commitment to co-op only, revealing that he would turn down $10 million if offered to have a single-player component. He also noted that he would never make a game with microtransactions.

Personally, I find Fares' passion refreshing. In a very animated way, he clearly loves and believes in every single aspect of the game he has created with his team, which in turn makes me very excited to see what he's so excited about.

A Way Out is poised to launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 23rd. Below, you can view an elevator pitch of the game, courtesy of EA:

From the creators of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons comes A Way Out, an exclusively co-op adventure where you play the role of one of two prisoners making their daring escape from prison. What begins as a thrilling breakout quickly turns into an unpredictable, emotional adventure unlike anything seen or played before.


A Way Out is an experience that must be played with two players. Each player controls one of the main characters, Leo and Vincent, in a reluctant alliance to break out of prison and gain their freedom.

Play the entire experience with your friends for free using the friends pass free trial feature.