A Way Out's Director Doesn’t Believe The PlayStation 4 Is That Powerful

One of the bigger surprises to pop up last week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo was [...]

One of the bigger surprises to pop up last week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo was Electronic Arts' A Way Out, a new co-op adventure being produced by the developers behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The game will require teamwork as you attempt to get yourself out of a situation revolving around a prison, and you'll need to work closely together if you're going to succeed.

Recently, the game's director, Josef Fares, spoke to Engadget about many topics surrounding it – and, somehow, the PlayStation 4 came into discussion.

With that, Fares provided an interesting tidbit about how he didn't think the PlayStation 4 was powerful enough when it came to certain game experiences. "Do you want the honest truth?" he asked. "This machine is not so strong as you think. This is like a five-year-old PC. If consoles were as powerful as PCs are today, you would see all different games. Most of the work developers put out there is to make them work on consoles." (It seems likely that Fares and his team haven't gotten their hands on an Xbox One X development kit just yet.)

Then Fares went back to the game, explaining why partnering with EA on it was a "great" move. "All decisions that are made on A Way Out are based on the heart. Even if someone tells me, like, 'If you do this, you will sell one million copies more,' my answer is 'Fuck you.' Look at me, I don't have scripts and nobody tells me what to say. I say what I want to say. Passion is what drives this. That's why it's been great working with EA. They don't tell us do this, do that. We decide what comes in, what goes out of the game."

Fares may have his thoughts on the PS4, but that isn't stopping the system from selling like hotcakes, with 60 million units sold worldwide thus far – and the numbers aren't dropping anytime soon.

For those intrigued to check out A Way Out, you'll have to wait until next year to do so, but it's definitely one of those games that provides a unique experience.