Abandoned Teaser Leaves Metal Gear Solid Fans with Questions

Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios shared another teaser for its upcoming PlayStation 5 [...]

Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios shared another teaser for its upcoming PlayStation 5 game on Tuesday to hype up the game's app that's releasing next month. Obscured in the background of the image, however, is a character wearing an eyepatch that has Metal Gear Solid fans asking questions. This comes after plenty of attempts from the community to connect this Abandoned game to some sort of Hideo Kojima project despite the developer's insistence that it's not associated with the Metal Gear Solid mastermind, so people aren't really sure what to think at this point.

The teaser below was shared on Tuesday by the Abandoned developers with the marketing for the game's app that's releasing in August. This app will be titled "Realtime Experience" and is said to include trailers, gameplay presentations, and details about "future live events," according to Blue Box Game Studios.

That's all well and good, but what's with the eyepatch guy in the back of the image then? It's likely meant to tease one of the characters from the game, but when it comes to gaming brands and eyepatches, few other franchises come to mind quicker than the Metal Gear Solid games.

If it were any other game being marketed, people would only joke about the possible Metal Gear Solid connections, but theorizers are a bit more serious about these speculations when it comes to Abandoned. That's because many people had convinced themselves that the new game was not only a Kojima project but was actually a new Silent Hill game being teased under a different title. The developer's statement that it has "no association with Hideo Kojima" did little to dissuade those sorts of theories.

Metal Gear Solid's many variants of Snake obviously weren't in Silent Hill, but when those curious about Abandoned already have Kojima on the mind, it's certainly an interesting choice to promote the game with a character sporting an eyepatch. People pointed out that the eyepatch didn't appear to be on the correct eye to be a Metal Gear Solid reference, but others were quick to point out ways this could still fit.

So, is this a Metal Gear Solid reference? Chances of that being the case are extremely slim, but it's not a very helpful marketing tool either if the Abandoned creators are trying to distance themselves from Kojima. We'll hopefully get some answers when the promotional app is available next month, but given the way this game's been marketed already, it's unlikely we'll have all our questions resolved then.