Abandoned Developer Responds To Cancelation Rumors

Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios has responded to rumors that its game has been quietly canceled. Abandoned was announced in early 2021 on PlayStation's official channels. It was an ominous first-person horror game and the PlayStation connection made many think it was a Hideo Kojima horror game, similar to how P.T. was a teaser for a secret Kojima Silent Hill game. It doesn't seem like that's the case at all, though. Nonetheless, some vague teases from the studio didn't help do anything but fan the flames of this rampant speculation. Still, regardless of what the game was, people were invested and wanted to see what this horror game would end up being. Eventually, it all led up to a big trailer via a PS5 app. Except... it was nothing, it was a few seconds of a man walking in a room. That's it.

There was immediate backlash, resulting in the developer largely going quiet, but it promised more information in the following months. Recently, some eagle eyed fans noticed the developer was quietly deleting tweets on its account, making people think Abandoned was... abandoned. Blue Box Game Studio took to Twitter to clarify the game hasn't been canceled and it has delayed the release of its playable prologue. The developer noted it's still working on the game and will have more to say at a later date, but really, it's just more of the same.

Abandoned has been one unfulfilled promise after another. Maybe a good game will come out of this somewhere down the line, but as things get murkier and we stray further and further from the reveal, it's hard to know if there really is a game at the center of it all. It's a mess and there's no telling if or how things will be resolved. As of right now, on an official level, Abandoned is happening, but no one knows when it'll release.


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