Activision Kicking Off Live Streams This Week With Big Announcement, Possibly Call of Duty Related

Activision is looking to build up its forthcoming line-up of 2018 games in a big way, as the [...]

Call of Duty

Activision is looking to build up its forthcoming line-up of 2018 games in a big way, as the company will host regular live streams, filling in its fan base with news about what's coming. And it all begins this week, with a big announcement on the way.

During a recent Twitch live stream this past week, Twitch editorial manager Kevin Kelly noted that something big was coming from the publisher, but he didn't say what.

"Yes, there will be something announced in March," he noted. "Something very soon actually. Not today, not this weekend obviously."

That stream looks to take place sometime this week, probably around March 28. But before you go, "They might show something about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or the rumored Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 port," hold on a second.

When Kelly was asked if the announcement would make Call of Duty fans pleased, he added, "I said by the end of the month, you will see something. I did not say CoD players will be happy, about the announcement. Because it is not CoD related – or is it? (evil laugh). I will say no more, you will find out very soon."

Now, this could go one of two ways. On the one hand, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered has been hinted at a lot lately, so if it's not announced this week, it could easily follow shortly behind. The only question, though, is if it'll have online multiplayer, as early speculation has suggested that it won't for some odd reason.

But, then again, this week could also finally give us the long-awaited reveal of the new Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy game, which has been hinted at for months. At one point, it was set to reveal last week based on early reports – but, alas, didn't end up happening. But thanks to a recent Target tweet, speculation about the game has built up yet again.

And it could be something new entirely, as Activision has been talking about reviving some of its classic IPs. Could we see something new coming around the bend?

We're not going to get our hopes too high unless this becomes official later this week, but it definitely sounds like both Activision and Twitch are building up for something big. Fingers crossed that the publisher follows through and gives us yet another reason (or two) to be excited for the forthcoming holiday season.

We'll keep you informed of what gets unveiled as soon as it happens!

(Hat tip to Dextero for the details!)