Among Us Update Adds Twitch and Discord Integration, Patch Notes Revealed

Among Us version 2021.5.10 is now live, and it gives the iOS and Android versions of the game some handy new features. Players on both mobile platforms will now have greater access to Twitch and Discord, allowing for much smoother use of both in the game. Additionally, there are some minor bug fixes which should make for a better overall experience for players. Unfortunately, there isn't anything too exciting for console players this time around! Fans of the game can get a better idea of what's in the latest version by checking out full patch notes from InnerSloth, which can be found below.

Twitch Mobile Streaming Integration

This update allows you to start streaming Among Us on Twitch straight from your mobile device!

Discord Integration

You're now able to link your Discord account to the app (on mobile) and then share a room code invite by pressing the Discord button next to the private/public button in the room lobby!

Mobile devices and PC will also be able to easily join room invites from Discord. From PC, you're able to send an invite via Discord as well as join an invite.

Note: You need to be a non-minor logged into a full account to access any of buttons that allow for linking to or interacting with Twitch/Discord. And remember if you are logged into a full account, you can change the chat in Settings and/or your name in the Account tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Crewmate sprites appearing as pink polygons on Android devices should be fixed. If you still are having issues, please email support@innersloth(.)com and include what device you're using. MAKE SURE YOU'RE UPDATED TO VERSION 2021.5.10! (You can see what version you're on when you launch the game in the top left corner.)
  • Skins not appearing in the Airship bundle purchased should now be there
  • Region text no longer continually shows North America on opening screen
  • IOS users no longer need to sign in everytime the game opens

It will be interesting to see what impact these changes have on the game! Given the massive role Twitch has played in the success of Among Us, it's not surprising to see InnerSloth offer further integration with the game. Hopefully, players will take advantage of the feature, and the Discord integration, as well.


Among Us is currently available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will release on PlayStation and Xbox devices later this year. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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