Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to Catch a Scorpion

Tarantulas are out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons now for those in the Northern Hemisphere which means it’s time to go hunting for scorpions so long as you know how to catch them. The new arachnid that’s graced New Horizons is a similarly valuable catch for those who are brave enough to go hunting for it, but it’s not as easily caught as other creatures in the Animal Crossing game since it’ll quickly go on the offensive if you don’t approach it correctly. For those who’ve been trained in the art of catching things in New Horizons and have some patience, however, catching Scorpions is a quick way to make a lot of Bells.

Scorpions were one of the many creatures that came to New Horizons for players in the Northern Hemisphere now that May has begun and refreshed the pool of fish and insects and other creatures worth hunting for. They’ll be around for a while since they’re set to be in the game for the next couple of months, so be sure you know how to catch them while they’re here.

Finding Scorpions

To find scorpions in New Horizons, you’ll have to go hunting for them between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. local time. You’re able to hunt for them either on your island or on an island you visit using Nook Miles, but since the random islands your visit are easier to control and manipulate, you’ll have a better chance of finding them there. They’re around from now until October during the times listed above, so you’ve got plenty of time to perfect your scorpion-hunting skills.

Tools Required to Catch Scorpions

All you need to catch a scorpion is a net of any kind, preferably the most durable one if you’re planning on catching more than a few. However, you’ll want to bring along some extra tools if you plan on farming scorpions, a process which we’ve explained further down. This means extra shovels and axes as well as plenty of inventory space to fill up with your finds.

Catching a Scorpion

If you caught tarantulas often, you’ve already got an idea of how to catch a scorpion. They’ll go on the defensive when players approach them which means you can only take a few steps at a time until they calm down. Be patient when approaching them and make sure you don’t miss your swing or else they’ll sting you and knock you out.

Differences from Tarantulas

Scorpions and tarantulas are both high-stakes catches, but aside from being different creatures, there’s one key difference between them to keep in mind. Tarantulas would give players a little warning that they’re about to pounce by hopping, but scorpions don’t offer the same courtesy. They go straight for players which means that if you upset one or miss your swing, you’re pretty much done for.

Farming Scorpions


Upon visiting a desert island, you can manipulate the spawn conditions of the location by removing things that would make other creatures spawn. This means busting rocks and chopping down trees to clear the way for scorpions. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll find them all over the place then since some things like the pesky water bugs will still spawn, but it’ll make things easier on you if you’re trying to farm them.

Selling Scorpions

Once you’ve amassed a number of scorpions, be sure to drop the first one off at Blathers’ museum to add to your collection. Take the rest and sell them to Timmy and Tommy to make 8,000 Bells for each one, or save them for Flick to make 12,000 Bells a pop. That price should give players enough Bells to buy themselves something nice and to secure some new tools for your next night out hunting for scorpions.